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25% of Dubliners Have More than Two Legs!

The Sunday Independent this past week published an article whose headline claimed:  25% of university academics earn more than €100,000 This is what we in the academic business refer to as a lie. Not just a misuse of statistics, but a misuse … Continue reading

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We Have Ways to Make you Talk!

Ferdinand von Prondzynski had a post on his blog lamenting the loss of university autonomy implied by HEA Head Tom Boland’s recent speech in which he proposed the now-infamous idea of “directed diversity” for our universities. Ferdinand summarised this idea … Continue reading

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Stomping Like an Elephant Through the Fine Points: Brian Lucey on Academic Salaries

You might think, given their role in our continuing national nightmare, that woolly-headed economists would be a little bit circumspect when it comes to making pronouncements that affect people’s livelihoods. Not Brian Lucey. In a recent blog post he purports … Continue reading

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Two Birds, One Stone

With all the hemming and hawing and handwringing about whether and how to reintroduce student fees, something has been lost on almost everyone but working lecturers: the woeful rates of student attendance. Absenteeism among students is absolutely endemic and, in … Continue reading

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All’s Fair in a Propaganda War

News comes in today’s Independent that “Academic pay of €113,000-plus far outstrips worldwide average.”  The article then elaborates: The lowest salary for our professors of €113,000 is also way ahead of the average salary of €79,000 paid to professors in … Continue reading

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Full Economic Fiction

In the recent Comptroller and Auditor General’s report on the universities, much is made of the need for “robust” (even with the scare quotes, I gagged a little when writing that) data on the “costs” of universities, particularly the costs … Continue reading

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Are we all in it together?

Ferdinand von Prondzynski has published a piece in today’s Irish Times about the question of academic pay.  This is supposed to be a matter of concern because we live in an era where all those who do not provide a … Continue reading

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